Truro heroes honored

Honoring "Each Other’s Keeper," a representative of the Police and Fireman’s Insurance Association presented three Truro Township firefighters with "Heroes Hall of Fame" awards at the Feb. 7 Truro Township trustee meeting.

Company representative Wayne Redman presented Firefighter Chad Pittman and Lts. Chase Bryan and Andy Weber with plaques and pins. He said their names and information will be published in the next edition of the non-profit organization’s quarterly magazine, "The PFIA Protector."

"It takes a certain amount of courage to put your life on the line," said Redman as he read a statement regarding Pittman’s nomination, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame for saving the life of a man in a smoke-filled, burning vehicle.

Bryan and Weber were inducted into the Heroes Hall of Fame for "unselfishly risking their own life by locating and removing a 12-year-old child trapped in a residential fire."


"I think all of the men and women (in the fire department) deserve awards all the time," said Trustee Pat Mahaffey.

Other Truro news

•Truro Fire Chief Jerry Foltz said total fire runs for 2007 were 5,417. More than 1,000 were fire runs, 4,329 were EMS runs, and the daily average was almost 15 runs.

•Foltz also reported on a parking problem at Reynoldsburg High School potentially affecting emergency service response. Foltz said students are parking out of designated spaces in several places and creating a situation where, if the building needed to be evacuated, it would make it difficult for emergency vehicles to get through the parking lot.

"We are working with the high school to deal with the parking problem and establish fire lanes to give us access to the school," commented Foltz.

•Road Superintendent Stan Knoderer said the township dropped 11.5 tons of salt on roadways so far this winter, which is approximately 1.5 tons less than last year at the same time. However, the warmer weather is creating other road hazards.

"Cold patch application of asphalt (for potholes) started much, much sooner than last year because of the weather," Knoderer said. "I started receiving calls a couple of weeks ago. I don’t have a systematic approach to application. I’m just giving priority to the biggest holes."

•Knoderer also discussed the deterioration of a Rodebaugh Road catch basin being worn away by buses cutting the corner too short and driving over the basin. He said the road has eroded so much there is no support for the catch basin and its wall. He will meet with a Franklin County engineer to discuss potential solutions.

•Knoderer lauded the fire and township personnel for support of his department.

"I’m just finishing up my first year as Road Superintendent," stated Knoderer, "and during the progress of the day, I fail sometimes to thank the people who help me. I certainly appreciate Chief Foltz and Chief Hein and the rest of the guys in the battalion who have helped me out and made my days go more smoothly. It’s quite a learning curve to go from private industry to a governmental system and I’d also like to thank (administrator) Bob Stapleton."

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