Truro firefighters adjust after fire hits new truck


Imagine being alerted over a store’s public address system that your vehicle is on fire out in the parking lot.

Imagine now that you are a firefighter and the vehicle in question is your idling fire engine.

Members of the Truro Township Fire Department were greeted with the unwelcome news the morning of July 7 when they stopped at a local home improvement store for supplies.

Fire Chief Jerry Foltz said firefighters were asked via the PA system to return to their truck because smoke was pouring out of the cab.

"They were in the store and heard the announcement," reported Foltz during a July 9 trustee meeting. "They used every fire extinguisher on the truck to put the fire out, which we think started in the electrical system and started burning the insulation."

The department won’t be left high and dry, Foltz assured the trustees.

"This was our newest truck, which was built in 2002. We still have two other engines and Pierce has a demonstrator they’re willing to loan us," he said. "Columbus will give you a truck, but sometimes they’re in really rough shape and we need something dependable."

The fire department already has a new engine on order and expects delivery in August. Foltz said they are taking a wait and see attitude because of the impending delivery and results of an insurance claim on the fire-damaged vehicle.

"We’re just in limbo right now," stated Foltz. "I don’t think we can afford another fire truck until the new one comes in."

In other discussion, Roads Superintendent Stan Knoderer said he and another employee removed 15 dead tree stumps from the Silent Home cemetery and are in the process of enhancing esthetics throughout the grounds of the local landmark.

Knoderer asked the three trustees to consider his previous proposal to adopt a program used by a neighboring municipality charging property owners $350 an hour when township employees are forced to mow private property. Property owners not complying with written warnings to address tall grass and noxious weeds would receive a bill for services provided by the road department, which could result in a tax lien if not paid. The board is expected to take action on the proposal during their August meeting.


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