Truro firefighter honored for leadership skills


By Tara Figurski
Staff Writer

Truro Township Fire Department Lt. Chase Bryan received the Dale Carnegie “Breakthrough” award for his leadership skills.

Bryan said the Dale Carnegie Leadership course teaches leaders and business managers how to influence employees to promote positive conflict resolution and create a cohesive work atmosphere. One of the courses he participated in was, “Disagreeing Agreeably.”

“It is pretty popular with corporate America,” said Bryan, who learned conflict resolution skills by participating in the class.

During a conflict it is important to treat people with respect and dignity and try and understand their point of view, he said.

“Anytime there is an argument, no one really wins,” he said. “Even if you win the argument, you still create resentment in the other person.”

In addition to helping participants hone their leadership skills, the course teaches participants to be more effective with public speaking. Bryan said firefighters conduct fire prevention tours and make presentations to organizations throughout the township.

Bryan was the only public service employee to attend the class. All of the other participants came from the corporate world.

“There are different places you can learn about leadership outside fire service,” Bryan said. “I think to develop yourself as a leader you have to look outside where you work.”

Bryan was selected to receive the award by his classmates. He said he was humbled by the honor.

“Any one of them could have won (the award),” Bryan said. “I was very fortunate  I received it.”

Bob Allen, owner of Dale Carnegie Training of Central Ohio, said the leadership course is a college credited course focusing on human relations and effective communications.

Bryan received the award for his performance in class, Allen said, adding his classmates identified him as outstanding in terms of his empathy toward others and his ability to grow professionally.

“This is not something that we gave him,” Allen said. “The people in the class decided he was a person of outstanding value and character.”

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