Tree removal

Photo courtesy of Groveport Police Sgt. Josh Short
Workers are pictured here in mid-July beginning the job of cutting down one of the old troubled trees on Groveport’s Front Street. City of Groveport officials met with a licensed arborist on May 18 to have some large, older trees along Front Street inspected along with two trees on Elm Street. The inspection was prompted after a strong storm knocked down a large tree that smashed into a Groveport Police cruiser on May 10. The inspection results revealed six troubled trees including a large hole in a trunk that collects water and rot at 215 Front St.: a maple tree at 235 Front St. with a dying root system and decay in the crown; an ash tree at 197 Front St. with a dying root system; a maple tree at 173 Front St. with roots that were removed for a sidewalk repair; a dead tree at 537 Elm St. where immediate removal is recommended; and a tree with a dying root system, dead limbs, and a decaying crown at 545 Elm St. According to Groveport City Administrator B.J. King, the arborist recommended removal of all five trees to eliminate any hazards. The city received quotes of $10,300 and $14,100 to remove the trees. “We would talk to an arborist about planting trees on Front Street to replace those that were removed,” said King.
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