Traffic calming measures discussed in village of Urbancrest

By Dedra Cordle
Staff Writer

Could the installation of traffic calming measures be the solution to the vehicular speeding problems that have been plaguing the village of Urbancrest? Officials say they would like to conduct a study to determine whether they would be a help or a hindrance.

At a recent meeting, the village council heard from a resident who shared her concerns over the safety of the children in the area due to the excessive speeding that has been taking place on the residential roads.

“We have several young children out playing in the yards and these guys just go flying through,” said Cindi Donoho.

She said she does not know if motorists travel down the streets at unsafe speeds because they are flat and straight, but she does get the sense that it is only a matter of time before a preventable accident occurs in the village.

“Something needs to be done about this,” she said.

Donoho told the council that she would like to see the placement of additional street signs that encourage motorists to watch for children. She also said she would not be averse to the placement of additional speed humps like the ones that are on the road in front of the Bending Brook Apartment Complex.

“I know my husband would hate it but I personally would love to see more speed bumps (in the village),” she said.

Street commissioner Jerome Johnson said the installation of speed humps is “certainly an option.”

“I think we really need to act on this because people have been racing down our streets for years now,” he said, noting that motorists have recently been seen going in excess of 90 miles per hour down Augustus Drive. “We have a lot of children in the village and we have a lot of seniors who use those motorized carts to get around. We need to make our streets safer for them.”

Johnson said he would be contacting the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office to request more patrols in the area. He also said he could reach out to the county engineer’s office to discuss the feasibility of the installation of traffic calming measures.

One of the primary concerns Johnson said he had regarding the installation of speed humps or speed tables is whether they could negatively impact the rapid response times of emergency services vehicles.

“That is something that needs to be considered but we will look into all scenarios and try to come up with a good solution,” he said.

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