Toy Road improvements underway

By Rick Palsgrove
Groveport Editor

Two cul-de-sacs have been constructed on Toy road near Centerpoint Parkway to help relieve traffic problems in that area.

“The proposal includes an ‘until such time’ closure of Toy Road between two, already-constructed cul-de-sacs on Toy Road, approximately 200 feet east of the intersection of Centerpoint Parkway (until such time that future commercial development justifies it’s reopening),” said Carla Marable, director of Communications for the Franklin County Engineer’s Office. “The two cul-de-sacs are proposed to be physically separated via a grass mound that will extend around the perimeter of the cul-de-sacs. Traffic control signage will also be utilized in advance of, and in between, the two cul-de-sacs.”

The grass mound will be constructed over the asphalt so it could be removed in the future in case the Toy Road would ever reconnect.

There will be no emergency vehicle access at the Toy Road closure.

Marable said representatives of the Franklin County Engineer’s Office met with representatives of local emergency services including Madison Township Police and Fire, Obetz Police, and Groveport Police.

“All agreed that emergency access at the closure point was not necessary and that fully closing the roadway would not negatively impact the services that they provide,” said Marable. “Fully closing the roadway between the two cul-de-sacs will minimize the potential of drivers attempting to unsafely drive through the closure location.”

According to Marable, the location of this closure allows Toy Road west of the closure location to operate and handle the commercial and commuter traffic generated by the Rickenbacker Area warehousing. East of the closure location will be limited to residential use and public services such as school transportation and refuse pick-up.

“Details of the ‘until such time’ closure are still being developed,” said Marable. “The cost associated for this portion of work is not yet available. However, it will be minimal in comparison to the overall cost of the project. This project was combined and bid together with the Toy Road and Swisher Road improvements project. The contractor’s low bid for the overall project was $2.2 million. Funding is being provided by the Franklin County Motor Vehicle Registration and Gas User Fees, the city of Groveport, Madison Township, the Ohio Public Works Commission, the Franklin County Transportation Improvement District, and private partners. Final completion for this project is currently scheduled for early spring 2022.”

Marable said these improvements are necessary for Toy, Swisher, and Saltzgaber roads because these portions of Toy Road, Swisher Road, and Saltzgaber Road are old township roadways.

“They were never designed or intended to carry high commercial and commuter traffic,” said Marable. “Along Toy Road and Swisher Road, the improvement will repair the roadway and improve drainage so that the residents can safely and efficiently access their homes. The project also provides dual cul-de-sacs east of Centerpoint Parkway that will act as turnaround locations for commercial, school bus, and refuse truck traffic. Along Saltzgaber Road, the roadway is being widened and reconstructed to account for traffic being generated by new warehouses in the area.”

Residents living on Toy Road, Saltzgaber Road, and Swisher Road have been frustrated for several years by the poor conditions of these roads as well as the heavy traffic from nearby commercial warehouses that use these narrow, formerly rural roads. The residents sought relief from the vehicle and semi-truck traffic they say damages the roads, tears up yards, knocks over mailboxes, causes noise, generates trash, and creates congestion.

The three roads fall within several different government jurisdictions including Madison Township, the towns of Groveport and Obetz, and Franklin County.

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