Township wants proposals for sports complex concession stand

By Amanda Ensinger
Staff Writer

Prairie Township officials are still considering bringing in an outside vendor to run their concession stand at the Galloway Road Sports Complex.

At a recent board meeting, Prairie Township Administrator Rob Peters asked the trustees to issue an RFP (request for proposal) to bid on the project.

A conversation about what to do with the concession stand started in the fall when the board heard a presentation by a local entrepreneur interested in turning the stand into a mini restaurant.

“I noticed at the Galloway Road Sports Complex that there were people set up in tents selling items while the concession stand sat empty,” said Rob Connors. “I wondered what was being done with the concession stand and if there was an opportunity to utilize it more.”

Connors presented to the board a proposal to lease the concession stand and turn it into a restaurant the players, coaches, families and visitors could use while they are at the facility.

“We would call it the Snack Shack and it would be more than a concession stand,” he said. “We would sell your typical concession stand items like candy, pop, and hot dogs, but we would also sell more specialty items, like barbecue or fried items.”

Connors said that as families are rushing around after work to get their kids to their soccer or baseball games, they may decide to grab dinner at the Snack Shack. As a coach himself, he knows that families are sometimes rushed to get their kids to practice or a game and thinks having a restaurant at the Galloway Road Sports Complex would help families with picking up a quick meal and checking one more thing off their ‘to do’ list.

“Having a restaurant on site that they can easily go pick up a meal will be really convenient for them,” Connors said.

In January, Peters said the board was still considering the proposal.

“Staff will make a recommendation to the trustees on the options for operating the Prairie Township concession stand,” Peters said at the time. “The trustees will then determine if we operate as a township facility or contract with vendor.”

However, now the board has agreed to bid the project out and then review proposals and make a decision.

In other news, the board approved spending an estimated $17,500 on the 2021 catch basin cleaning program.

“This is only an estimated cost,” Peters said. “This is a valuable program for preventative maintenance for the township’s storm sewer infrastructure.”


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