Township touts traffic cameras

By Amanda Ensinger
Staff Writer

According to officials in Franklin Township, a new traffic camera system is benefiting the region. At the recent meeting, the board of trustees discussed the benefits of the camera system.

“We have written 284 citations, most of them in school zones,” said Franklin Township Police Chief Byron Smith. “It has proven to be an effective tool and has helped in slowing people down.”

The township introduced the camera system earlier this year in an effort to reduce traffic accidents and speeding in the township.

According to Smith, drivers have been ticketed for going 10 miles per hour or more over the speed limit.

“This is a safety issue,” Smith said. “We are trying to get the worst offenders.”

Smith said the funds generated from the new camera system will benefit a variety of township departments. According to Smith, 60 percent of the funds generated will go toward the police department, 28 percent will go to the general fund, 10 percent will go toward roads/infrastructure and 2 percent will go toward a grant for graduating seniors of Franklin Heights High School.

Deputies are using handheld cameras and have been positioned at high traffic areas where there have been increased accidents and speeding, like Frank Road.

In other news, the trustees discussed purchasing modular trailers for the police department.

“We have reached out to some modular contacts to get quotes,” Smith said. “We will bring this information back to the board.”

Currently, all the township staff is being housed in the Township Hall, which is causing space constraints. Township staff was moved from the additional township property at 963 Harrisburg Pike to Township Hall at 2193 Frank Road due to mold issues.

According to Franklin Township Road Superintendent Jim Stevens the mold issue in the house on Harrisburg Pike is due to water coming into the basement.

“This standing water issue caused mold to spread throughout the home,” Stevens said. “We are exploring options and have experts coming in to look at it.”

According to trustees, until this issue is resolved no one is allowed in the home.

The board also discussed trash collection in 2019. At the meeting, the board reminded residents they do not have a trash contract and residents would need to setup their own arrangements to have their trash collected in 2019.

“At present, we don’t have a trash contract, but Local Waste Services will continue to serve residents in our township,” said Ralph Horn, township trustee. “As of right now they are saying they will not increase residents’ rates.”

However, the trustees are hoping to move forward with some type of trash contact in the future.

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