Township to receive salt for snow removal assistance


By Dedra Cordle
Staff Writer

Jackson Township officials have approved a request from a neighboring municipality to assist with snow and ice removal this winter.

At its meeting on Oct. 10, the board of trustees unanimously approved a limited-term contract with the city of Columbus that will allow its road department to service some residential streets that fall within the city limits.

According to Administrator Shane Farnsworth, the township road department regularly engages in shared roadway clearing during inclement weather events, but this marks the first time the city has asked the township to service the residential roads in their shared jurisdictions.

“It is not uncommon for the city of Columbus road crews, our township road crews, and even the city of Grove City road crews to clear the streets where we all share some jurisdiction,” he said. “But from the city of Columbus’ perspective, these areas that they have asked us to clear are really isolated from their routes and closer to ours.”

Farnsworth said that the residential streets that the city has asked the township to clear in heavy snow events are primarily at the northern end of the township, clustered around the new housing development off Dyer Road.

“In total, we are talking about less than five additional miles so our crews will not have to go well and far out of their way to clear the city streets,” Farnsworth said.

In exchange for the township road department clearing the 13 city streets of heavy snowfall and/or ice, the city will increase its allotment of a much needed winter commodity – salt.

“Under the terms of this contract, we will go from receiving 25 tons of salt from the city yearly to receiving 100 tons of salt from the city,” said Farnsworth. “That can make a big impact on our salt storage each year.”

He added that the city will provide the extra delivery of salt to the township free of charge.

These are the city streets and portions of city streets that the township will serve during heavy snowfall events this fall and winter:
•Allmon Road
•Dyer Road
•Lazar Road
•McComb Road
•Tanis Drive
•Sussex Place
•Lewes Castle Drive
•Horsham Drive
•Billingham Drive
•Branoch Drive
•Wales Place
•Channel Place
•Penzance Place

The contract between the city and the township runs from Oct. 15, 2023 to April 15, 2024. Should the city want the township to continue to remove snow and ice from these streets next year, the contract will need to be renewed by the trustees.

In other news, the township summer cleanup program has recently concluded but officials would like for the residents to know that they can still drop off their electronic waste year-round at the administration building, 3765 Hoover Road.

Farnsworth said they will accept appliances, computers, computer batteries, and computer components. They cannot accept computer monitors or television monitors at this time.

“They can bring all of their unwanted e-waste to the administration building Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., excluding federal holidays,” he said.

Farnsworth also added that township residents receive free and unlimited bulk pickup as a part of the consortium.

“Please call Local Waste to have those unwanted items picked up,” he said.

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