Township to offer e-waste services to residents

By Dedra Cordle
Staff Writer

If you take an inventory of the items in your home, chances are high that you will have a number of electronic devices that have reached the end of its life cycle. And no matter how long they have been sitting there, or tucked away in some dark drawer collecting dust, chances are also high that is where it will remain because you just don’t know what to do with it.

Realizing that this situation has become an issue in many households, a local municipality recently decided that it was time to partner with an e-waste recycling company to bring relief to its residents who are looking to unload those unusable items hanging around the home.

“We wanted to do something that would make life a little bit easier for our residents,” said Shane Farnsworth, the administrator of Jackson Township.

At the end of October, the township began accepting a limited scope of e-waste items at its administrative building, located at 3765 Hoover Road. Residents of the township, along with those who reside in the city of Grove City and the village of Urbancrest, will be able to drop off laptops, tablets, cellphones, and printers during the regular business hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays year-round.

Farnsworth said that this location will not be able to accept stand-alone computer monitors or television screens at this time.

The idea to host a drop-off site at the township administrative office began to formulate during the summer clean up series. To slow the spread of a novel coronavirus, the township modified its traditional one-day clean up event to a prolonged summer format to help residents get rid of unwanted items while also staying safe.

“During these drop-offs, we had many residents inquire about their old electronic devices and how they could safely dispose of them,” said Farnsworth. “This new program is a result of those inquiries and our desire to help make it happen within a short distance of their homes.”

According to Farnsworth, there will be a special bin located at the administrative office where residents can drop off their unwanted electronic items. At the end of each business day, those items will be taken to a secured location on the property and then handed over to their partner, I Recycle, for safe disposal.

Farnsworth recommended that residents wipe their devices of sensitive information if at all possible.

He also added that residents should contact the administrative office at 614-875-2742 for any additional questions regarding the e-waste program.

According to the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio, e-waste is the fastest growing waste sector in the country and there are a number of local companies that accept end of life cycle electronics and appliances. For those not within the township’s boundaries, visit their website to find the nearest location to safely dispose of these items.

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