Township to hold staggered cleanup events

By Dedra Cordle
Staff Writer

Residential plans to purge homes and garages of unwanted materials hit a snag this year as dozens of scheduled cleanup events were cancelled in order to adhere to state guidelines to slow the spread of a novel coronavirus. Among those who made the decision to cancel their own was Jackson Township.

According to officials, the spring and fall cleanup events attract hundreds of residents who are looking to safely unload old appliances, tires, scrap metal, electronic waste and other goods that no longer serve any household use.

“We know that the cleanup is one of our most popular events and we did not make the decision to cancel it lightly,” said Township Administrator Shane Farnsworth. “But at the same time, knowing how many residents this event brings in, we knew we could not safely follow social distancing guidelines set forth by the state health department.”

He said following the decision to cancel the cleanup event, they heard from many residents who expressed their understanding while noting their disappointment.

In the days that followed the announced cancellation for the May 2 spring cleanup event, township officials “put their heads together” and came up with a plan to service the community.

“We decided to hold staggered cleanup events throughout the summer,” said Farnsworth.

Farnsworth explained that residents in the unincorporated parts of the township will be permitted to drop off unwanted materials at its administrative building, located at 3756 Hoover Road in Grove City, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Holidays are excluded and the Fourth of July will be observed on July 3.)

He said residents will be asked to sign in at the front office and then they will be directed to the receptacle area behind the building where they can dispose of their goods.

The administrator noted that the area, which is gated, will be locked after hours and requested residents to not leave their items on the property.

“No off hours dumping, please,” he said.

Those who wish to dispose of tires during office hours can do so, but they are limiting the number of tires to four per vehicle.

Electronic waste will also be permitted with the exception of TVs and monitors.

“We will be accepting computer components and other e-waste components at this location,” he said. “They will then be recycled.”

This service will run through Sept. 18.

The township will also offer brush and yard waste clean up to its unincorporated residents throughout the summer. Residents are asked to place the brush or yard waste along the front of the property with the caveat that limbs are to be no longer than six inches and that there are no stumps. The collection days for this service are May 26-29; June 22-26; July 27-31; Aug. 24-28; and Sept. 21-25.

Farnsworth also suggested that residents can drop off yard waste at the Columbus Com-Til facility, located at 7000 Jackson Pike (State Route 104).

Unlike previous spring cleanup events, paper shredding services will not be available until the planned fall cleanup on Sept. 26. Farnsworth recommended that residents contact Ohio Mobile Shredding for shredding services.

As with previous years, the township will not accept hazardous wastes such as chemicals, oils, paints or batteries. It will also not accept lightbulbs.

Farnsworth said that if residents have any questions about what materials are accepted to contact the office at 614-875-2742 or email the office at

“We will be happy to assist them or provide alternative sources if we cannot be of service,” said Farnsworth.

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