Township tackles traffic issues

By Dedra Cordle
Staff Writer

The Jackson Township board of trustees discussed an uptick in traffic complaints at a recent meeting.

According to officials, they have recently fielded a number of calls regarding congestion and excessive speeding along several residential roads. While complaints on these matters are not uncommon in any township or municipality, they say the complaints have largely been centered on five roads.

“Some of our biggest concerns have been traffic enforcement on Hiner (Road) and McComb (Road),” said trustee David Burris.

He said residents on McComb Road have been calling regarding an excessive number of motorists accessing the thoroughfare as a cut-through to escape congestion along Gantz Road. Those who live on Hiner Road have been calling regarding excessive speeding. An extensive resurfacing project was just completed on the latter street.

“These are two of our biggest traffic problems we have been having,” Burris said.

The additional roads they spoke of were Borror, Hibbs and Hyde roads. All three have received a mix of complaints regarding congestion and speeding.

Present at the meeting was Franklin County Sheriff Deputy Travis Carter, a 20-year veteran of the department who was recently named a community liaison for the area. He said the department was aware of the issues along these roadways and were “working to resolve” them.

Township Administrator Shane Farnsworth said in addition to working with the department to quell the problems, they will also look into increasing speed limit signage along Borror, Hyde and McComb roads.

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