Township seeks grant to help fund road project

By Dedra Cordle
Staff Writer

Jackson Township will seek funding to make improvements to Hiner Road.

At the Aug. 20 board of trustees meeting, Township Administrator Shane Farnsworth announced they will apply for a grant through the Ohio Public Works Commission to resurface approximately three miles of roadway.

According to Farnsworth, an early estimate for the project runs at $315,000 and they believe the grant would be beneficial to offset some of the cost.

“We always need to apply for grants because these are our tax dollars and we are trying to get them back into our community,” he said.

Because Hiner Road is partially shared with Scioto Township, they have agreed to pay a portion of the projected cost but their contribution would be minimal, said Farnsworth.

“They only have .43 miles of Hiner Road,” he said. “The rest is under our jurisdiction.”

In March, the two townships signed a cooperative agreement to make culvert and pipe repairs to a section of the road. Farnsworth said that project is currently underway and the additional resurfacing project will round out the work.

“One thing we did not want to do was repave the road first and then have to come back and do culvert and pipe repairs a year later,” he said. “By doing it this way, we will have new culverts and pipes that will be useful for 30 years and then a newly paved road for 25 years.”

The township expects to receive word from the commission by the end of the year regarding the grant application. Should the township receive a full or partial grant, the resurfacing project would begin in the summer of 2020.

In related news, the township said they would partner with the city of Grove City to make resurfacing repairs to Sonora Drive. According to the trustees, their portion of the roughly $210,000 project is not to exceed $35,000.

In other township news, the trustees approved the annual snow and ice removal contract with the city of Columbus. Under the agreement, the township will remove the snow or provide treatment to the Columbus portion of their shared roads while the city will provide 25 tons of salt to the township.

The trustees also approved a fire hydrant maintenance agreement with the village of Urbancrest. Mayor Joseph Barnes Sr. said the township and fire department has always assisted the village with hydrant repairs and maintenance, but this agreement just “clarifies” who is in charge of the cost should repairs, replacement and installation needs arise.

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