Township residents concerned about activity on rural property

By Hannah Poling
Staff Writer

Numerous complaints about a property on Dawn Drive were discussed at a recent Pleasant Township board meeting.

According to board chairwoman Nancy Hunter, there are many young people living in out buildings and in a burned out house on the property, as well as in tents. The individuals have reportedly been creating a lot of noise throughout the night and concerns for nearby neighbors.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office has been called numerous times.

Township officials said they received an email from a township residents who reported that neighbors have heard gunshots coming from the property and they hear vehicles revving their engines, driving up and down the road at all hours of the night.

Hunter has sent a copy of the Pleasant Township noise ordinance to the county sheriff’s office and has asked that the information be sent to a code enforcement officer.

In other township news, Fire Chief Brian Taylor said that one of the medics had been involved in a minor incident. The Pleasant Township firefighters were on a call. An individual at the scene backed his vehicle into the medic.

“There is very little damage,” said Taylor. “Due to the vehicle he was driving and the way he hit it, we got very lucky.”

No one was in the medic when it was hit. Due to the damage being minor with only scuffs, there is no plan to get the damage repaired at this time.

Firefighter James Kuno was promoted and sworn-in to the position of lieutenant at the department. Newly-hired firefighter/medic Paul Shambaugh was also sworn-in. Chris Kurowski was presented with the ceremonial “Badge 1” for being the most senior officer at the department.


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