Township opposes city plan for Southern Grove

By Sandi Latimer
Staff Writer

Jackson Township trustees were able to appease residents of Southern Grove when the board told the residents they had their best interests at heart and opposed a road connector in their subdivision.

Southern Grove is located off of Orders Road in the township, across the road from the YMCA. Grove City has approved a development plan for a new subdivision near that area with plans to connect the subdivisions.

“We opposed it in 2001 and we oppose it now,” board chairman David Burris told some 20 residents who attended the May 17 meeting. They residents broke out in applause.

The residents had started to crowd into the small room where trustees hold a caucus prior to their meetings. When trustees saw how many people had come to discuss the issue, Burris moved the gathering to the main part of the administration building.

A couple of residents spoke about wanting to retain their community and feared the trustees would be asked to chip in as much as $2 million to help with the project. That is when Grove City Mayor Richard “Ike” Stage spoke up.

“The issue has been withdrawn,” he said.

Burris said he had had phone calls from two members of the city council and had agreed to sit down with them to talk things over. The discussion about the subdivision was halted temporarily so trustees could hold their meeting at 7 p.m. as planned.

Burris explained the trustees’ stand on the issue.

“We have not committed any money,” he said. “The township is not in favor of cutting through the streets. We will be sitting down with city council to iron this out,” Burris said.

Colleague Steve Bowshier agreed about the money issue.

“We’re not going to divert funds from all the roads in the township for one road that no one wants,” he said. “It doesn’t make sense.”

One suggestion the residents brought up was to move the proposed walking/bicycle path west and have it come out at Century Village.

Burris said that was one item that would be discussed when the trustees meet with council.

He also praised the residents for their persistence.

“You made your voices heard,” he said. “I wouldn’t have gotten the phone calls if it hadn’t been for you folks last night. We’re not going to leave you hanging out there.”

Ohio Investigator of the Year

The township recognized Battalion Chief Chuck Strader who was named Ohio Investigator of the Year.

Strader’s honor was bestowed upon him by the Ohio Chapter of the National Society of Professional Insurance Investigators. Ohio President Sam Warren explained that Strader investigated a fire in Preble County in southwest Ohio where two children were killed.

“His work led to the conviction of the mother in the death of her children,” he said. “You have to be proud to have him a member of your department,” Warren told the trustees.

Ohio EPA Grant

Trustees accepted a $350,000 Ohio Environmental Protection Agency grant for Liberty Tire, which will use the funds to further recycle scrap tires.

Township Administrator Mike Lilly explained the money represents the tax the state puts on tire distributors. Individual businesses, such as Liberty Tire, cannot accept the money, so a political subdivision accepts it and channels the money back to the business.

“This is the third such grant and about $900,000 the township has received,” Lilly said.

Borror Road project

Borror Road will be closed June 13 to begin work on replacing two bridges. The work should be completed by Sept. 12.

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