Township officials review single trash hauler plan


By Amanda Ensinger
Staff Writer

Residents in a local township may soon have uniform trash collection. Officials in Franklin Township are considering the idea of joining a consortium.

Called the consortium two, the agreement is being negotiated by the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO). The agreement would bring together several jurisdictions to have one trash and recycling contract.

“Some of the communities that would be involved in the consortium include the village of Brice, Clinton Township, Madison Township, Pleasant Township, Sharon Township and Truro Township,” said Mark Potts, administrator for Franklin Township. “We would each have the same trash and recycling hauler and get a better deal for residents by negotiating together on a contract.”

Potts said the township would not have to agree to recycling with the contract and could only chose trash collection as part of the agreement if they would like. He said the decision to proceed with the agreement will depend on pricing and will be up to the trustees.

Currently township residents contract with their own trash hauler and the township has no township-wide agreement with one hauler. Potts said as a result of this, the township has a lot of illegal dumping.

“The hope is this contract will reduce littering and this dumping issue in the township, which we have a huge problem with,” Potts said. “Having a trash hauler will really discourage illegal dumping and clean up the township.”

The township used to have township wide trash collection with Local Waste Services, but chose not to renew their agreement several years ago.

“Everyone would have to be a part of this program if the trustees approve the contract,” Potts said. “Also, if residents didn’t pay, the township could add their bill to their property taxes, ensuring everyone pays their bills.”

Potts said if the township adopts the trash contract, residents would most likely see lower rates than they are currently paying. He added that residents may not be in favor of recycling, but he thinks the majority will support having a township-wide trash contract again.

Currently residents can drop off their recycling at SWACO drop boxes throughout the township or can pay for recycling themselves.

Also, at a recent meeting, Potts discussed the ongoing need for free food services in the township, including the need to open a food pantry.

“Before this COVID-19 pandemic, hunger was a major issue in our community,” Potts said. “As a result, we will be partnering with Franklin County Public Health to offer another food drive in the township.”

The township has one produce drive that is open once a month on the second Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon at Central Baptist Church.

“This food service will be open later in the month to continue to help and will also take place at Central Baptist Church on a Saturday,” Potts said. “We will help staff the event and pass out food to those in need.”

The idea for the additional food drive came from the Franklin County Public Health Community Action Team and will offer fresh produce and staple food for those in the need.

It will be open on the fourth Saturday of every month from 10 a.m. to noon at Central Baptist Church, on Frank Road.


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