Township motor vehicle tax put on hold

By Linda Dillman
Staff Writer

With a new trustee joining the board in 2020, the Madison Township trustees are postponing final action on a $5 permissive motor vehicle tax until next year.

During their Nov. 12 meeting, the trustees unanimously agreed to hold off a decision until the first meeting in January when Michele Reynolds takes her seat on the board after unseating incumbent John Kershner in the recent election.

“I think it’s only proper since we’ll have a new board member,” said Trustee Ed Dildine.

If approved in 2020, car owners would start paying the tax when they buy new license plates or renew old ones as early as next fall. The township would need to take action by July.

Estimates by the state project future revenue at $80,000 for the township’s roads and bridges fund. The permissive motor vehicle tax only impacts vehicle owners who live in the unincorporated areas of the township.

Marwick Civic Association
Marwick Addition homeowner Linda Poynter said residents are working to bring the local civic association back in action.

“It (the association) never really stopped, but as far as being active again, it started back up within the last couple of months,” said Poynter, who reported 125 homes are within the Marwick area.

Two years ago, Poynter held a community potluck in her yard attended by 62 people. This year, she said 105 people showed up.

“We got people together and now people are really getting interested again,” said Poynter, who asked the trustees for information on financial reports and proposed projects for the community.

“We’re looking for more information and input,” said Poynter. “It would be great to explain where everything is going. I have nothing but praise for the people who come out and do work on our streets.”

Trustee Chairman John Pritchard said while the reports are easily obtained through a public records request, he asked Public Works Superintendent Dave Watkins to attend a homeowner’s association meeting to explain how the township prioritizes road projects.

For information about the Marwick Civic Association, Poynter said people should visit Gogladly on Facebook. The association is also planning on holding monthly meetings at the Southeast Library Branch on Hamilton Road.

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