Township medic needs repair after accident involving a deer


By Hannah Poling
Staff Writer

An Pleasant Township medical unit will need to be repaired after an accident involving a deer. The incident and the resulting repairs were discussed at a recent board of trustee’s meeting.

According to Fire Chief Brian Taylor, on Oct. 13, a deer ran out of a field and struck the side of a township ambulance. The front passenger side of the cab took the brunt of the impact. The front end of the cab is all one piece of fiberglass, so more than likely the entire front end would need to be replaced.

Taylor said the ambulance will be taken to Horton Emergency Vehicles to have the damages evaluated.

“I think there is more than $5,000 worth of damage,” said Taylor. “To replace the whole front, hood, and paint… all that stuff is going to be pretty expensive.”

In other news, township officials discussed new floors for the fire department.

The floors would be purchased for a cost of $17,148 and would include the removal of all carpet and tile and insulation.

The new flooring would allow the station to properly disinfect. It will contain an antimicrobial property for further disinfecting purposes. Replacing the carpet with new hard flooring has been deemed more sanitary than the absorbent carpet, which requires more significant routine cleaning and maintenance.

The flooring would go throughout the entire station with the exception of the shower rooms, entry way and bathrooms. There are currently no details on the duration of how long this project would take.


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