Township crews prepare for winter

By Linda Dillman
Staff Writer

Madison Township Public Works Superintendent Dave Weaver and his crew are readying the department’s vehicles for winter work.

While township roads will be plowed, salted and brined, salt will be used sparingly and its cost is nearly $42 more a ton than last year.

“There is a (salt) shortage in our region,” said Weaver. “We were getting it for $53 a ton at the beginning of the last season and then it went up to $73 a ton at the end of the year. This year it’s $116.50 a ton. We need to conserve. There’s no shortage in salt brine, so we’ll use a lot of salt brine. We’ll make it stretch as far as we can.”

Last winter, the township used 370 tons of salt. This year the township will receive 239 tons from the Franklin County Engineer’s office for the entire season.

Township crews will only salt hills, corners and intersections on a regular basis. Other areas will be addressed with each storm. Rural roads and outlying developments will receive calcium coated sand mixed with salt and pre-treated before storms with salt brine.

The sand mixture cannot be used in developments with curbed areas, like Blacklick Estates where Weaver said the township uses a lot of salt. These areas will only receive brine pre-treatments and salt.

Residents can make the job easier for township workers by removing vehicles parked along curbs, which allows plow crews to push back snow along the curb and speed up the street-clearing process. This is important on cul-de-sacs where crews run out of places to plow snow while working around parked vehicles.

There are 41 miles of plowed roadways in the township and a shift crew is able to get to each road twice during an average storm. All main streets will be addressed first, followed by secondary streets.

If a mailbox is damaged due to a snow plow, contact the township office at 836-5308 or 836-4467.

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