Touch a truck

 Messenger photos by Rick Palsgrove
 Kids got the chance to sit behind the wheel, as well as explore the interior, of some big trucks, construction equipment, race cars, and other large work vehicles at Groveport Parks and Recreation’s "Touch a Truck" event held Aug. 2 in Groveport Park. Owen Hoenie (middle), 3, sat behind the wheel of a Madison Township fire engine while Firefighter Jason Loucks told him how the fire truck works. Eric Davis (top), 5, is shown here inspecting a piece of construction equipment. Ashton Sweigart (bottom), 3, showed he could handle the wheel of a big construction front loader shovel. According to Tara Palm of Groveport Parks and Recreation, business/community participants included American Electric Power, Columbus Motor Speedway, COTA, Del Mar Mexican Restaurant, Grandpa’s Grub Wagon, Go Groveport, Groveport Madison Schools, Petermann Transportation, Local Waste Services, Madison Township Fire Department, Mott’s Military Museum, Nichol’s Towing, Peg’s Paving, Rickenbacker Military Fire Department, 7up/Schweppe’s, and the village of Groveport.


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