Toilet trouble


By Rick Palsgrove
Groveport Editor

The feared theft of a truck load of toilets had its owners flushed with worry and wiping their brows as they envisioned a $45,000 loss going down the drain.

But this story has a happy ending as the Groveport Police’s investigation found that no crime was committed and the wayward toilets were recovered.

According to Groveport Police Chief Casey Adams and an accompanying police report, the story unspooled this way:

Navitas Equity Solutions had 654 toilets and 284 shower heads in a semi-trailer that was parked in the Groveport Madison High School parking lot on July 29. The toilets and shower heads were destined to be installed in a nearby apartment complex that is under construction and were stored there until it was time to install them. The company received permission from the school to store the trailer full of toilets there. When the company’s installation team went to pick up the trailer at the school on Aug. 3, it was gone. Security cameras showed that a truck simply came and hooked up the trailer and drove it away on the afternoon of Aug. 2. When the trailer was discovered missing, Navitas reported it stolen.

Adams said after 16 to 20 hours of police investigation it was found that the trailer and its contents were in Springfield, Ohio, and no crime had been committed. He said it turns out the trailer, which belongs to Mat-Trans, Inc., had been missing and when the original owners located it they came and picked it up.

“They just thought the trailer was full of pallets until they opened it up,” said Adams. “The toilets were returned to the owner, the trailer is back in the company’s possession, and there was really no crime that took place in the city of Groveport.”

Adams said the shuffling around of semi-trailers in the shipping industry can be chaotic and companies sometimes lose track of their trailers.

“We (the Groveport Police) take several stolen semi-trailer reports from area warehouses each year,” said Adams. “It’s usually cases of people loading up the wrong trailers.”


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