Timberlake residents ask the township to help with needed repairs


By Hannah Poling
Staff Writer

Residents in the Timberlake subdivision would like Pleasant Township to make some repairs in their neighborhood.

Bart Doddroe, president of the area’s homeowner’s association, attended the July 13 township board meeting to discuss their concerns. According to the Doddroe, it has been more than 10 years since the street signs have been repainted or replaced. The residents would like for the old peeling signs to be repainted or replaced with modern reflective signs.

Robert Bausch, the township’s road superintendent said that he would look into this concern.

The subdivision residents also said the fire hydrants need painted.

According to Fire Chief Brian Taylor, the fire hydrants in that area are maintained by the county and any repairs would need to go directly to the Franklin County Sanitary Engineer’s Office.

“We can only flush them,” said Taylor.

Taylor did reassure residents that to his knowledge, all hydrants are currently operable.

In other news, a tanker at the Pleasant Township Fire Department is in need of maintenance.

The truck’s frame has corrosion from salt and brine on the road. The tanker was inspected approximately two years ago for the same issue. The current plan is to have the tank removed from the vehicle and to clean, paint, and repair the frame.

“This will help prevent the rust jacking from worsening and causing a similar issue that we faced with our other endings where the frame had to be replaced,” said Taylor.

There is no current time frame for the repairs, but Taylor said he hopes to have it completed before winter.


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