The Wienermobile brightens the day in Grove City

Messenger photos by Dedra Cordle
Grove City resident Patti Salyer has had a bit of a rough time lately, so her relatives decided to bring a little joy into her life. On March 11, the staff at the Meadow Grove Transitional Care facility informed her that there was someone and something outside that wanted to see her. When the doors opened, she got the “happiest surprise” of her month: the 27-foot long Oscar Mayer Wienermobile was parked outside, filled with several members of her family. “We wanted to do something that would make her, as well as all of the residents and staff here, smile,” said Salyer’s sister, Nancy Walters. A trip to the transitional care facility was not on the official Wienermobile Ohio-tour agenda, but special allowances are made when one of your family members is one of the “Hotdoggers.” For several months, Patti and Nancy’s niece, Ally Friend, has been touring the Midwest alongside fellow Illinois native Brandon Mazzaferro as ambassadors of the company. Friend said when one of their planned stops fell through, she reached out to Walters who suggested making a detour at the facility. “It brought a lot of smiles to the people here,” said Friend. “That is our ultimate mission.” Pictured here in the front row from left to right are Loren Evans, Patti Salyer and Ally Friend; and pictured in the middle row from left to right are Brandon Mazzaferro, Nicki Evans, Rob Evans, Nancy Walters and Ken Walters.
Joanna McFall, a nurse at the Meadow Grove Transitional Care facility, takes a selfie in front of the iconic Wienermobile. McFall said she was “so excited” to have been able to see the hot-dog vehicle in person.
Mazzaferro (aka Bun Man Bran) highlights some of the cooler hotdog inspired gadgets in the Wienermobile.
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