The return of the class of ’85

Messenger photo below by Rick Palsgrove and historic photo above provided by the Groveport Madison class of 1985
For many years it was a tradition for the senior graduating classes at Groveport Madison High School, 4475 S. Hamilton Road, to “decorate” the school and its front lawn with all sorts of debris such as signs, toilet paper, junk cars, etc. The practice was halted after 1985 when the school principal and the board of education said the tradition had gotten out of control. The Groveport Madison High School class of 1985 alumni, which was the last class to uphold the “decorating” tradition, recently received permission to recreate the “decorating” on a small scale at the school. Pictured above is a photo of some of the class of 1985 “decorating the school” 36 years ago. Also pictured below is a photo of some of the class members recreating the event on July 31 as they stand in front of a junked car in front of the new high school. Aaron Gorman of the class of 1985 said the old photo keeps surfacing on Facebook. He said members of the class of 1985 decided to make the July 31 “decorating” event a class reunion of sorts. “We all haven’t been together for a long time,” said Gorman. “We did not have a 35th year class reunion because of COVID so we decided this was a good way to get back together and be kids again for a moment.” Following the get together, the class members received a tour of the new high school. Also, the “decorations” put in place on July 31 were thoroughly cleaned up by the alumni members of the class of 1985.

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