The Iron Brothers


By Linda Dillman
Staff Writer

Messenger photo by Linda Dillman
Members of the Iron Brothers LE motorcycle club, Chad Roberts – “Reaper,” (left) Anthony Fields – “TBone,” (center), and Matt Harris – “Bigshow,” (right), gather outside the organization’s Lockbourne clubhouse. Club members come from around the central Ohio area.

Rolling thunder comes to Lockbourne a couple of times a month, but this roar of motorcycles on Sunday evenings stops at the edge of town at the Iron Brothers LE motorcycle clubhouse.

Comprised mainly of police officers, first responders and military, the club—started in 2001—is named for the brotherhood members share and the iron on which they ride.

“The main reasons we started the club is brotherhood and wanting to help others that are in need,” said club spokesman Chad Roberts, otherwise known as “Reaper.” “This is a club of friends that love to ride. It allows us to combine a love of riding, bonding us through friendship and an extended family. We are always looking for ways we help people in need, the community and support each other.”

According to Roberts, club members selected the Lockbourne site—the former home of a café, market and gas station—because they liked the small-town feel and are hoping to grow and support the community.

The Iron Brothers sponsor three major events each year, including fundraisers for cancer research, cystic fibrosis, and fallen officers and first responders.

A special little girl who touched the lives of club members was a 6-year-old known to the brothers as “KatieBug.” She had cystic fibrosis and Roberts said she instantly stole the hearts of the Iron Brothers members and families.

“We provided a lot of firsts for KatieBug,” said Roberts, who said the girl spent most of her life in the hospital aside from a few times she was released for short periods of time. The Iron Brothers on more than one occasion gave her a motorcycle escort home.

“We had her seventh birthday party at Children’s Hospital, took her to her first pumpkin patch and on her first vacation,” said Roberts. “Sadly, we lost KatieBug within a year of meeting her. Her strength, happiness, and determination through everything she endured made every one of us a better person. She told everyone we were her big brothers.”

The child’s denim jacket occupies a place of honor on a shelf inside the clubhouse.
“We truly believe in our mission to help those in need,” said Roberts. “This is the main reason we started this club. We can ride with friends any time. But to belong to a club that is out there trying to make things better, helping in any way needed. We also want to promote a positive image for bikers.”

While motorcycle clubs often get a bad reputation, the Iron Brothers hope they are helping to change that image by their service and involvement in the community. When they opened their doors, they invited local residents inside and provided dinner. On Halloween, they passed out candy to Lockbourne’s little ghosts and goblins.

Roberts said the first thing every member has is a responsibility in their everyday activities to promote and reflect a good image on the club.

“We ride responsibly, we offer help to anyone who needs or asks for it,” said Roberts. “We found a club house in a community that we think we can grow with and build our relationships. We also deliver Thanksgiving meals every year to about twenty families in need. We first reached out to the community of Lockbourne for anyone in need. We will never do anything to tarnish the reputation of the Iron Brothers.”

In looking to grow their membership, Roberts welcomes interested individuals to reach out to a members and come to a meeting.

“This way they can meet us and see what we are about,” said Roberts. “We would go from there in determining if it is something in which they are interested. We enjoy what we do, the people we get to meet, the new relationships, and just seeing a smile on someone’s face.”

Visit Iron Brothers LE MC on Facebook, or call Roberts at 614-403-6640 for information.


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