Tedrow to leave Groveport Madison school board after 28 years

By Rick Palsgrove
Southeast Editor


Mary Tedrow is saying goodbye to the Groveport Madison Board of Education after serving on the board for 28 years.

Tedrow’s last day on the board is Dec. 31 as she decided not to run for re-election.

“I hope I’ve had a positive effect on education for Groveport Madison,” said Tedrow. “I’m grateful to the voters for their support of Groveport Madison Schools and for their faith in electing me to the board.”

Tedrow noted that, over her tenure on the board, she served with seven superintendents, seven treasurers, and 20 other board members.

According to Groveport Madison Superintendent Garilee Ogden, Tedrow first took her seat on the board in January 1976 and served four full terms, ending in 1992. In 2008, Tedrow won another seat on the board,and she has been reelected twice more, having served another 12 years.

“Mary has clearly demonstrated what it means to dedicate your life to the to the service of others,” said Ogden. “Whether it be as a mother, a medical professional, a Girl Scout leader, as a school volunteer, a church leader, and as a school board member, Mary has invested much of her time and effort to making the community a better place in which to learn and to live.”

In 2015, Tedrow was recognized by the Ohio School Boards Association as one of their All-Ohio School Board Members – an honor given only to five people each year.

Former Groveport Madison superintendent Scott McKenzie said of Tedrow, “She always fought the good fight everyday for Groveport Madison.”

Ogden said Tedrow asks good questions and she “always gets us thinking about things.”

“Mary is always concerned about the numbers, whether it be the cost of something, how long it will take to get the work done, or the number of people impacted by an issue,” said Ogden. “She is also a prolific campaigner. She is one of the first people in line to sign up to go door-to-door or to make calls during ballot issues.”

Ogden said that, over Tedrow’s 28 years on the board it’s estimated she attended more than 672 scheduled board meetings.

“With an average meeting lasting a very conservative 2.5 hours, we estimate she’s spent more than 1,680 hours in scheduled board meetings,” said Ogden. “This doesn’t take into account unplanned meetings, such as those for community input meetings, interviewing superintendents and treasurers. Nor does it take into consideration the time she spent attending sporting events, concerts, plays, levy meetings, and an array of community-related events. All told, we believe it’s a conservative estimate that she has given more than 100 full, 24-hour days of service to this school district. Her commitment and contributions to Groveport Madison Schools will continue to have a lasting impact on our schools and on the community.”

The district presented Tedrow with the gift of a fine clock “to remind her of her time and dedication to the district.”

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