Target aims grant to Whitehall police for digital voice recorder

 Messenger photo by Dianne Garrett
Sgt. Mark Newcomb, of the Whitehall Division of Police, is pictured with Jon DeLuca, Executive Team Lead-Assets Protection of Target.  The police department received a grant in the amount of $1,071.00 to go toward the purchase of digital voice recorders to be used in the detective bureau during criminal investigations.  The device includes a software package that will translate voice recordings into a written document.

The Whitehall Police Department enjoys a strong partnership with Target, and on Sept. 11 it received its third grant from the East Broad Street store, which opened two  years ago.  

The $1,071 will go toward the purchase of a digital recorder that will enhance the efficiency in the detective bureau during criminal investigations.  The software program will allow the voice recordings to be translated into a written document, which means investigative notes, interviews and interrogations will be processed more expediently.

Lt. Mark Newcomb said, "Whitehall Police strives to take advantage of technology as advancements are made.  Often our budget dictates the pace that we keep.  We want to recognize Target as a leader in our community, and extend our appreciation for their desire to help keep this city a safe environment to raise a family."  

Newcomb also noted that due to occasional critical needs, the department is able to go to Target without a purchase order to get merchandise.  

"They are great about letting us bring the purchase order later so we can take care of an emergency," stated Newcomb.

Jon DeLuca, Target’s Executive Team Lead for Assets Protection, said that the partnership with Whitehall has been outstanding.  

"The department has been helpful, supportive and quick to respond when called.  We appreciate the police department, and are glad to be able to help them in return.  Because of their quick response, many situations have been solved fast.  We all feel safe," said DeLuca.

The grant is part of ongoing efforts by Target to strengthen families and communities throughout the country.  Since opening its doors, Target has given five percent of its income to organizations that support education, the arts and safe families and communities.  Today, that translates to $3  million every week.

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