SWCS to look into coachs conduct

What is the district’s policy on background checks?

That is what one upset resident asked the South-Western City School Board of Education at its Oct. 10 meeting.

Concerned grandmother, Mary Spangler, came to the meeting to tell the board she believes her high school aged granddaughter was the victim of verbal abuse from her volleyball coach and to ask the board their policy on conducting background checks on their employees.

Spangler says she tried calling the high school in question about her concerns, but was rebuffed until she set up a meeting with the SWCS board.

"I tried calling them six times, and they did not give me a response until I said I was going to set up a meeting at the school board meeting."

Spangler said during the summer when her husband would pick up their granddaughter from practice that she would get in the car in distress.

"At first he thought it was from sweat, but it kept on happening when she got in the car."

She said the volleyball coach harassed her granddaughter and worked her harder than the other girls, and then when game-time came, the coach would not let her play.

Spangler also said the granddaughter eventually quit the volleyball team because of the coach and his "winning is all that matters" attitude.

The grandmother told them she was not happy with that coach and requested they get a background check on him for the verbal abuse that occurred.

Both Board President Jim Lester and Superintendent Kirk Hamilton said the SWCS district does do background checks.

According to the Ohio Department of Education, every school, public or private, has to comply with the Amended House Bill 79, which requires applicants for any license or permit to issue a complete Ohio criminal background check.

That check, including the use of two sets of fingerprints, is conducted by the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCII), and those not living in Ohio for five continuous years must be checked by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The BCII and FBI background checks must be kept confidential by the school’s and cannot be released to the public.

"We do background checks, but it’s hard to know how they will interact with the students during the interview process," Lester said.

The board said they would look into the incident.

Building improvements

During the summer, SWCS placed bids to replace the gym roof at Harrisburg Elementary School. On Aug. 30, those bids were received and analyzed and a contract was awarded to Neibert Enterprises, for $32,500. Neibert Enterprises, of Dayton, has also done replacements for the Dublin City Schools.

Field trips

Despite school starting a few weeks ago, some students get to cut class without punishment.

On Oct. 21-22, eight students from the Central Crossing choir/choral class will perform at the Mad Rover Vocal Arts Festival at Wright State University.

Transportation will be via private automobiles and the trip expenses will be paid by the students and or parents.

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