SWCS to discuss facilities growth

The Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC) has offered the South-Western City School District 47 percent of the money needed to fund a comprehensive facilities project which could build or remodel new schools, and demolish older schools. This allows the district to bring all of its school buildings up to 2008 standards. This project could eliminate modular units, provide all-day everyday kindergarten, provide for air conditioning and updated laboratory facilities, and help prioritize needs concerning future educational programs.

The district is in the process of engaging the community and staff in discussions and the educational planning process. On  March 26 at 7 p.m. in the Central Crossing High School cafeteria representatives from DeJONG, an educational planning firm, will gather data through individual vision planning questionnaires, and will facilitate small group work sessions revolving around: community use of facilities, grade configurations, building enrollment sizes, neighborhood schools, all-day everyday kindergarten, new buildings, renovated buildings, additional buildings, and more. Based on the size and complexity of this facilities planning process, the OSFC has supported South-Western by engaging DeJONG in the process.

All community and staff members are encouraged to attend meeting. Participants will provide the input necessary to help shape the future of our schools.

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