SWCS enrollment holds steady

With over 17 elementary schools, five middle schools, five intermediate schools, and four high schools, there is sure to be plenty of students in the seats.

At the South-Western City Schools work session on Sept. 24, Janice Collette, the director of pupil personnel, gave her report on enrollment.

Last year, when they did "students in the seats" which is a snapshot of their enrollment, which only counts students in class at the time, the total population of the schools in the district was 20,993 classroom goers.

This year, when they did the study on Sept. 10, the figures were remarkably similar. The students in the seats added up to 20,995, a difference of only two from the previous year.

 "The enrollment if flat with the housing market," said Collette.

However, if you add in the number of students who were not present that day, the enrollment projection for the 2007-2008 school years is 21,091, a difference of 97 from the 2006-2007 year.

The enrollment projection for the elementary schools are 8,016 students, 3,201 pupils for intermediate schools, 3,325 for middle schools, and 120 students for the special school, such as Buckeye Ranch and Kingston. The combination from all the high schools in the district adds up to 6,429 students.

Board President Jim Lester noted that the South-Western Career Academy had a drop in enrollment of 100 from the snapshot from "students in the seats." He said he "noticed a decrease in enrollment from the students at Franklin Heights and Grove City High Schools."

Despite the drop in pupils that day, the projection for the SWCS is 569, up 34 students the previous school year.


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