Suspects lash out at Groveport policemen

Two Groveport police officers were recently assaulted while performing their duties.

On May 3, while arresting a suspect on a domestic violence charge, the handcuffed suspect head butted Officer Robert Blackburn in the face while being taken to the police cruiser. The suspect also lashed out at a Madison Township police officer who was assisting Blackburn.

According to Groveport Police Lt. Kurt Blevins, once in the police cruiser, the suspect "repeatedly struck his head on the partition between the front and back seats. Officers were able to stop that behavior by deploying chemical mace."

Blackburn was not seriously injured.

The next day, Officers Josh Gilbert and Ernie Bell responded to another domestic violence incident. They arrested the suspect and took him to the Franklin County jail.

"As the suspect was being led into the jail door he began to struggle and kick at Gilbert and Bell. Gilbert was struck in the knee by the suspect’s foot," said Blevins.

While Gilbert’s police radio was damaged in the struggle, the officer was not seriously hurt.

Blevins pointed out that, though none of the officers were seriously injured, "These incidents are a sobering reminder of the dangers our officers encounter."

School resource officer report

School Resource Officer Chris Gyke reported that in April there were 46 fights/assaults/disturbances at Groveport Madison High School. In April 2007 there were 16 such incidents.

According to Groveport Police statistics, there have been 225 fights/assaults/disturbances at the high school in the 2007-08 school year. This is an increase over the entire 2006-07 school year when there were 150 such incidents recorded.

Other Groveport Police news

•Rising gasoline prices have hit the Groveport police. The department has used around 6,572 gallons of fuel this year at a cost of $23,872. The department’s total fuel cost in 2007 was $44,970.

"Some cost cutting measures being implemented are decreased idle time, doubling up when shifts are sufficiently staffed, bike patrol, and foot patrol," Groveport Police Chief Gary York reported to Groveport Village Council on May 12.

•Mark Decker was sworn in as a reserve officer on May 12.

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