Students strive to beat the bell


Throughout theweek of Feb. 18, CCS is doing a drawing for the “Get to School Getaway” incentive for NBA basketball tickets through the Michael Redd Foundation, Michael Redd of the Milwaukee Bucks, and an organization called Clarity Creative.  This is part of the “On Time” promotion that enters CCS students in the drawing if they not only have perfect attendance for 30 days but also are to be on time.

One winning student at each participating school will receive two round trip tickets to Milwaukee (student and one parent), a one-night deluxe hotel stay, VIP pre-game warm-up passes, a VISA gift card for meal expenses, a limousine ride to and from all locations and various other prizes and giveaways.

The Columbus schools participating include West High School, South High School, Mifflin and Champion Middle School.

Jeff Warner, District Spokesperson, said the district is very happy with the results.

“The root of it is when students are in school, they stay on top of their homework, on top of coursework, prepared for tests and achieve higher levels. When our students are in school they’re going to perform better. When they’re tardy, they miss materials, they’re absent more frequently when they miss that work and they start a downward spiral,” said Warner.

Clarity Creative spokesperson Alonzo Edmondo said they plan to work on similar incentives for CCS in the fall.

“We’re testing the waters, seeing how responsive the community is and we hope the community will galvanize and get behind it. We?’re seeking business partners, so we can give this to two or three students per school rather than one student per school,” said Edmondo.

Edmondo said so far the community response on the Web site, has been very enthusiastic but Edmondo was especially encouraged by Redd’s willingness to give back to his community after he reached his current athletic status.

“It’s rare to find someone who wants to give back to the community. Redd is a West High graduate and went to The OHio State University, he had some pretty big things to do and then to come back home. Here’s somebody that left, came back, and is still making a mark at home,” said Edmondo.

Edmondo said the drawing for the NBA tickets at West High School should take place next Tuesday at 1 p.m. but that date and time is subject to change. For more information on Clarity Creative’s Web site go to


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