Students promote unity at Wedgewood

By Sandi Latimer
Staff Writer

Messenger photo by Sandi Latimer
Mia Duffield (left), Cameron Easthan, and Maci Kahjiga, all 11-year-old sixth graders at Wedgewood Middle School stop in front of the school’s bulletin board which reminds them if they “See Something, Say Something.” They were wearing orange Oct. 23 for the school’s Unity Day.

The big question at Wedgewood Middle School as National Unity Day approached was, “Orange you glad you’re not picked on?”

Students and staff at the Westside school donned their best orange Oct. 23 to show their spirit and manners.

For the Unity Day event, orange stood for UNITED for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.
Principal Diane Campbell participated and wore a coral dress with a black jacket. She accented her orange with black stilettos and the principals’ necklace of ID card and whistle.

Attendance secretary Vicky Crum wore a bright orange sweater with her ID card. The cafeteria at lunch time looked like a sea of orange as students chose shirts showing off their favorite super heroes or sports teams.

Bullying was the big issue the school has conquered since classes began in August.

Students are quick to say “No” when the question of bullying is mentioned.

“No problems,” says Campbell to the question of any bullying. “One report is a problem.”

A bulletin board across from the office proclaims the familiar phrase, “See Something, Say Something.”

If the students do see something, they can get forms in the office to fill out. But if they prefer to remain anonymous, they can slip unsigned notes in a specially designated locker in a hallway. Such lockers are found in each hallway of the building that houses up to 525 students.

Students are not alone in reporting bullying. Parents are also a part of the “See Something Say Something” campaign and have Campbell’s email address so they can report to her any suspicions of bullying that they see or hear.

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