Student apprehended with unloaded gun at Groveport Madison High School


During the mid-morning on Jan. 20, a Groveport Madison High School student, who is currently under suspension, showed up at the school and was taken to the office by a security official.

The assistant principal called the student’s parent to pick him up and then asked the student if they could look inside the student’s backpack. The student then fled the building.

Law enforcement officials were alerted and apprehended the student outside the school on South Hamilton Road. Police informed the school they found an unloaded weapon in the student’s backpack.

The high school was put on a level 2 alert while officers swept the building to ensure no other weapons were found. The building then went to a level 1 lockdown.

As an extra precaution, an additional safety officer was assigned to the high school for the remainder of the day.

Groveport Madison Board of Education President Nathan Slonaker said, “Our safety procedures we set in place were followed superbly and we are grateful to the quick thinking staff and police officers for their efforts to ensure the safety of our students.”

Groveport Police Chief Ralph Portier said charges against the student may include resisting arrest and conveyance of a weapon on school grounds. The student’s name is being withheld.

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