Strides made for sporting complex

By Amanda Amsel
Staff Writer

Several public meetings were recently help in Prairie Township to get feedback from residents about the design of a new sports complex.

Prairie Township and Stantec hosted special public meetings to discuss the design of the new complex with area residents and ask for their suggestions on how to improve their plans.

“We are in the process of designing a sporting complex to support the youth sports community,” said Township Administrator Tracy Hatmaker. “The complex will be completely outside and will feature outdoor fields for sports.”

Some of the sports that will be played at the new complex include baseball, softball and soccer.

“Area residents that want to take their children to play these sports have to go to Grove City because there is nothing like this around here,” Hatmaker said. “We want to provide a place in the community for families to go to for different sporting events.”

The multi-purpose fields and baseball diamonds will fill a large gap in the community, organizers say.

Located on Galloway Road, south of Hall Road, the 111-acre complex is currently farm land.
At a recent the Prairie Township meeting, the board of trustees approved a motion to allow a local farmer to continue farming on a portion of the property until construction begins.

While the lengthy zoning process takes place, the township is making some extra money leasing the property for farming.

According to Hatmaker the township paid $650,000 for the land, which was purchased by the same property owner where the new recreation center will be.

“We are really excited about this new complex,” he said. “Right now families are forced to travel, with this new complex we can provide area families and youth with an opportunity to get outside and participate in sports, without having to leave their community.”

No construction date has been set for the building of the new sports complex. For more
information, visit

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