Storms rips Madison Township

High winds on Sept. 14 took a toll on trees, roofs, and power lines and found Madison Township emergency personnel responding to double the number of calls for service on a normal duty day.

Madison Township Fire Chief Clifford Mason said his department responded to 25 calls on Sept. 14, followed by 40 calls on Sept. 15.

"They almost doubled the number of calls on Sunday and more than doubled them on Monday," said Mason.

Madison Township Road Superintendent Terry Spangler said the last road blocked by downed trees was cleared on Sept. 17 and Madison Township Police Chief Greg Ryan reported only one traffic accident was recorded.

According to Madison Township Administrator Judy Edwards, due to the recent storm damage and excessive amount of debris, above and beyond any normal yard waste, Waste Management, 833-9111, offered the following suggestions for storm waste removal:

•Kurtz Brothers, 6095 Rohr Road, 491-0868, allows dumping of tree limbs and branches.

•If there is an excessive amount, Waste Management will work with customers to haul debris away for a fee.

•Hire an independent contractor to cut and haul away debris.

Waste Management will work extra hours the next several weeks to pick up debris. However, Edwards emphasized the company needs to keep their regular work schedule on track.

Madison Township Trustee Jim Hummel said at the trustee’s Sept. 17 meeting that Waste Management does not have the additional capacity to take all of the debris at once, but will be able to accommodate it in time.

"They’re offering up the suggestions and playing catch-up with the large amount of trees and limbs," said Hummel. "This has been quite an event for everybody. My power is still out and not scheduled to be turned back on until Monday (Sept. 22)."

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