Storm sewer upgrades in London


(Posted Sept. 28, 2017)

By Dedra Cordle, Staff Writer

The city of London is set to receive upgrades to its storm sewer lines.

At its Sept. 21 meeting, London City Council approved allocating $150,000 from the general fund to repair tiles and structures that have worn down due to age.

According to Mayor Patrick Closser, there are several areas in immediate need of attention.

The first area mentioned was the creek behind Jacqueline Drive.

“We need to get in there and dig out the creek to open up the tile so its flows better to the waterway,” he said.

Though no timetable was set for that action, Closser estimated the cost at $80,000.

The second area in need of attention is South Main Street where aging pipes will be replaced and a manhole cover will be changed. Closser estimated that cost at $10,000.

The third area is East High Street, just west of High Street and Elm Street.

According to Closser, a camera pushed through the pipe revealed the tile was made out of brick and its condition is dire.

“It’s collapsing,” he said.

That project was slated to begin Sept. 25 and projected to last for over a week. However, Closser mentioned they needed to hope for the best when it came to that project.

“I’m nervous that once we get in there and go south, and once we get to that brick, it will collapse like dominos and just start falling,” he stated.

Upgrades are also slated for flood prone areas of the city.

Recently, residents of Graham Avenue and the surrounding community came out to the previous city council meetings to voice concern about frequent flooding of their property and neighborhood.

Councilman Rex Castle said he believes the appropriation of funds will go a long way to improve the city’s flooding issues

In a related discussion, Council President Joe Russell announced the formation of a storm drain study committee that will study the feasibility of a storm drain fund.

He said details on the committee will be forthcoming.

Other news

  • Closser said the city was awarded $1.139 million from the Ohio Public Works Commission to make aesthetic upgrades along Park Avenue, in conjunction with the improvements made by Madison Health.

According to Closser, the grant will be used to replace the bridge, repave the road, put in sidewalks and a multi-purpose path, as well as curbs and gutters. He said the sewer system will also be improved. The start of that project is slated for the summer of 2018.

  • Trick-or-treat is set for Oct. 31 in the city of London from 6-8 p.m.

Closser asked that people have fun, but to be vigilant when they are out-and-about, especially motorists.

“We all know kids like to dart out in the street so just be careful everyone,” he said.

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