State auditor to examine Groveport Madisons buildings

State Auditor Mary Taylor has completed one audit of Groveport Madison Local Schools and her office is about to embark on another one.

The first audit, released Dec. 16 offered suggestions and observations on how the  school district could save up to $3 million per year (see story on page 1 of this week’s Southeast Messenger).

The second audit, approved to proceed by the Groveport Madison Board of Education at a special meeting Dec. 19, will be a performance audit of facility utilization and capacity.

"This project will provide an assessment of the efficiency of current building use and future capacity needs (for the district)," wrote Taylor in a Dec. 15 letter to Groveport Madison Superintendent Scott McKenzie, and, "…where appropriate, develop recommendations for improvement."

The audit will evaluate:

•current and future enrollment;
•present day space utilization, including classroom and grade configuration;
•current and future utilization rates based on space usage and enrollment projections; and
•projected facility needs and configuration options.

"They’re going to really work hard on the enrollment projections," said McKenzie.

Taylor indicated the estimated cost to complete the audit would not exceed $12,500. The audit could be completed in about six months.

A quote for the audit from early in 2007 had originally estimated its cost at $8,500.

Board President Dr. Naomi Sealey expressed concern about the price tag of the study considering the district’s financial situation.

"They’ve done one audit now they’re coming back with another one," observed Sealey.

Board member Nathan Slonaker stated, "The information we get could far exceed the $12,500 in potential savings."

Added board member John Kershner, "The auditor has credibility so we should be getting a pretty unbiased answer."

Kershner said the board has had inconsistent information on the buildings and enrollment in the past.
"We don’t really know how our buildings are being used. It’s important to know their capacities," said Kershner.

While the board unanimously approved the new audit, they asked administrative officials to try to see if the cost of the study could be reduced to the original 2007 estimate.

School building overview

Groveport Madison has 10 schools – six elementaries, two middle schools, a junior high, and a high school. There are 14 modular units at the high school and two modulars at Groveport Elementary.
The state auditor’s  performance audit of the district released Dec. 16 noted the school buildings’ capacities along with the 2007-08 enrollment, based on Ohio School Facilities Commission information:

•Asbury (built 1963) – capacity 418; enrollment, 448;
•Dunloe (built 1967) – capacity, 386, enrollment, 379;
•Glendening (built 1970) – capacity, 507; enrollment, 474;
•Groveport (built 1923) – capacity, 502; enrollment, 479;
•Madison (built 1967) – capacity, 393; enrollment, 413;
•Sedalia (built 1968) – capacity, 461; enrollment, 444;
•Middle School North (built 1975) – capacity, 626; enrollment, 473;
•Middle School South (built 1975) – capacity, 531; enrollment, 491;
•Junior High (built 1952-56) – capacity, 564; enrollment, 489;
•High School (built 1968) – capacity, 1,299; enrollment, 1,649.

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