Spring clean-up in Prairie Township


By Amanda Amsel
Staff Writer

As the weather turns warm, Prairie Township is doing its own spring cleaning and encouraging residents to pitch in.

The township will host its annual Prairie Township Spring Clean Up from April 25 to May 5. The clean up events are organized by volunteers and vary from location to location.

“We always have this event for a week to give people plenty of time to organize their own clean up,” said Tracy Hatmaker, township administrator. “We work with residents to provide trash bags and other supplies.”

In the past, groups like the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, church groups, homeowner’s associations and groups of family and friends have organized their own clean up events.

All the trash collected can be dumped free of charge at three Dumpsters in the township. Trash can be discarded at the Inah Firehouse, 123 Inah Ave. or the Lake Darby Firehouse, 451 Hubbard Road. Tires can be dropped off at the road department, 6725 Alkire Road.

“SWACO is also supporting us by giving us some tipping passes to dump the excess trash at the landfill,” Hatmaker said. “This means we can dump some of the excess trash collected from this clean up for free courtesy of SWACO.”

Locations where clean ups usually take place include parks, streets and other open spaces in the township.

Mostly trash is collected during the clean ups, but sometimes items like tires, metals and other larger materials are collected too.

“It really is a matter of neighborhood pride,” Hatmaker said. “After a long winter a lot of trash gets covered by the snow, so after the snow melts there are items that need to be collected. This event helps to make our community look better and helps protect our rivers and streams because this trash will not get in them.”

To register your event for the Prairie Township Spring Clean Up and receive free supplies, call 878-3317 ext. 103.

Household hazardous waste cannot be discarded during this event and should be done through SWACO. For more information, visit www.swaco.org.


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