Spicing up the Season

Messenger photos by Dedra Cordle
The colors of winter can often be dull and one thing that can spice up the season is a little green. On Feb. 1, approximately 30 people throughout Franklin and Madison counties came out to the Battelle Darby Creek Nature Center to learn more about succulents and take one – or a few – back home with them to spruce up their living quarters. Lindsey Krusling, a part-time naturalist at the metro park, spent several months raising Aloe Vera, Haworthia and Hens-and-Chicks in the basement in order for the participants in the first-time program to take them home and let them thrive. Here, Priscilla Harris and her granddaughter, Hazel check out the bed of succulents before the crowd came over to plant them in pots and transport them away. The duo from Grove City said they love succulents and other indoor plants and thoroughly enjoyed the program.
Sue Rowe, Gail Cope and Bill Cope show off the Hens-and-Chicks they received at the succulents program. Gail Cope, of Grove City, admitted she has better luck with fake plants but believes her new succulent will thrive as it is not too fussy.
From left to right, the Aloe ‘Christmas Carol’, the Haworthia and the ‘Bird’s Nest’ Sansevieria hang out at the Nature Center. Krusling said one of the best things about succulents and other indoor plants is that they don’t take up much space and can be planted in non-traditional containers such as coffee mugs and cowboy boots.
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