Speeding concerns in Prairie Township

By Amanda Amsel
Staff Writer

Several Prairie Township residents attended the trustees regular meeting and demanded action be taken in regards to speeding in the township.

The residents, who live on Pasadena Avenue, asked the trustees to take action to stop people from speeding down their road. According to the residents, drivers travel down the road at speeds near 45 miles per hour. The speed limit is 25 miles per hour.

One of the reason residents are concerned with speeding is because there are no sidewalks, so people have to walk in the street when traveling by foot.

Citizens presented a petition to the trustees with more than 150 signatures of residents who live on Pasadena Avenue or the neighboring streets.

A traffic study was recently done on the street and counted 602 cars that regularly use the roadway. The average speed, according to study, was 24 miles per hour. According to the study, 32 cars were clocked going five miles or more over the speed limit. The traffic study was conducted from Aug. 8 to Aug. 15.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office has done a variety of target enforcement in the area, including having officers in cruisers on the street, setting up traffic trailers and patrolling on bicycles.

“We can be out there doing target enforcement, but as soon as we are gone people will be doing the same thing again,” said Sgt. Sam Byrd. “Speed bumps are not always the answer.”
The township trustees said they are in the process of analyzing the data collected from the traffic study.

“Right now we are in the data portion of the phase, when we are done collecting data, a decision will probably be made,” said Steve Kennedy, Prairie Township trustee. “The township has 55 lane miles of road and 219 different roads. This is not the only road that has complaints.”

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