South-Western City Schools will close on April 8 for solar eclipse

On Monday April 8, South-Western City Schools will now be closed due to an influx of anticipated staff absences made known to the district within the last 24 hours. April 8 had previously been designated as a scheduled early release day for the solar eclipse. After evaluating the scope of absences on Friday, April 5, and accounting for the possibility of unforeseen illnesses Monday, the district arrived at the decision to afford families the full weekend to secure childcare for this coming Monday.

In a news release, the district said, “With an incredible educational opportunity ahead of us on Monday, the April 8 Total Solar Eclipse offers students and families a near direct path in our attendance area to observe this incredibly rare astrological event – the first of its kind within view in Ohio since 1806. Recognizing the role a school system should play in helping to facilitate such an educational opportunity, earlier this week, the district distributed over 21,000 ISO 12312-2 rated solar eclipse glasses for students to take home for student use at parent discretion.

“From a safety standpoint, we ask families to reinforce safe viewing practices with their students by reminding them that they should never look directly at the sun without the proper eyewear, according to the State of Ohio Eclipse Task Force. Further, NASA strongly recommends eclipse viewers Do NOT look at the Sun through a camera lens, telescope, binoculars, or any other optical device while wearing eclipse glasses or using a handheld solar viewer — the concentrated solar rays will burn through the filter and cause serious eye injury.”

For more safety information and educational resources, visit and

Students and staff will return Tuesday, April 9.


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