South Charleston: Villages budget changes only a little

The Village of South Charleston heads into the new year with a budget similar to the one it had in 2007.

According to Fiscal Officer Bonnie White, the overall budget for 2008 is $1.8 million, roughly $200,000 more than last year.

“We’ll have more expenses. There’s not going to be a lot left in the coffers at the end of the year,” White said.

The departments and their allocations for 2008 are as follows:

• General Fund—$800,000 for a wide array of expenses that includes insurance, wages and some utilities

• Sewer Fund—$360,000 for salaries and mandated system updates

• Water Fund—$200,000 for salaries, chemicals, and maintenance to the plant

• Police Department—$150,000 for salaries, uniform allowance, equipment, and upkeep on the cruiser

• Street Department—$40,000 for minor repairs, such as crack sealing and pothole filling. No major repairs or improvements are scheduled for 2008.

• Cemetery Fund—$35,000 for mowing in the summer and other expenses

• State Highway Fund—Less than $10,000 for expenses related to state routes 41 and 42 and the flashing lights at the school.

“These numbers are not etched in stone. It could change,” White said.

South Charleston has a population of approximately 1,850. The village employs six full-time employees and eight part-time employees, including police officers.

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