South Charleston: Southeastern seeks new Miami View principal

Once again, Southeastern Local Schools is in need of a principal for grades kindergarten through eighth at Miami View School.

After one year on the job, Jeffrey Beane tendered his resignation last month to take a job as principal at Madison-Plains Middle School in London.

“He’ll do a great job with that. The middle school grades are his preference,” said Southeastern Superintendent John Abdella.

The job of replacing Beane began the week of July 14 when Abdella posted the vacancy. He plans to start interviews this week with the goal of hiring a new principal before school starts on Aug. 20.

“Obviously, we would like someone before school starts, but we are not going to rush into it,” he said. “We want a good number of applications. We’ve had quite a few already.”

The position is a tough one to fill. Miami View’s principal is responsible for 630 students and 35 staff members in nine grade levels.

“It can be overwhelming,” Abdella said. “I think the biggest reason we’ve had so much turnover is the fact that…it’s a two-person job.”

A few years ago, Miami View did have two principals—one for the younger grades and one for the older grades. Budget cuts changed that, Abdella said.

“We have discussed some other ideas, but they’re just in the initial stages,” he said about ways to divide up the workload.

Until then, the job opening requires applicants who are experienced with instruction for primary, intermediate, middle  and junior high students.

“We want somebody who has curriculum knowledge, as well as people skills and leadership abilities that we feel is the right fit for South Charleston,” Abdella said.

Staff members will help to conduct the initial interviews with candidates for the job. Abdella will make the final decision.

As for what the school district has to offer to those interested in the job, the superintendent commented, “We have good kids and a nice community that supports the schools.”

In addition to filling the principal’s seat, Southeastern is looking to hire a new guidance counselor at Miami View.

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