Sloppy summer fun!

By Rick Palsgrove
Southeast Editor

Messenger photos by Rick Palsgrove
Kids in Groveport Town Hall’s Sloppy Summer Days program painted flowers, rainbows and other images as well as their handprints on the blades of the city of Groveport’s snow plow trucks.

Sometimes the freedom to be creative comes with the permission to make a mess.

With that in mind, Groveport Town Hall came up with the artistic program for kids, Sloppy Summer Days, to inspire creativity.

“Creativity is messy,” said Groveport Town Hall Activities Assistant II Kristin Figliola. “Sloppy Summer Days encourages children to get messy while they create.”

The program was held Aug. 12-16 in Heritage Park and attracted about a dozen participants ranging from ages six to 12.

An apple from a tree in Heritage Park inspired young artist Emery Dillard to paint this apple. When asked why she decided to turn the apple into a work of art, she said, “I like to paint apples!”

Figliola said some Sloppy Summer activities included t-shirt tie dye, making muddy creations using a moveable mud kitchen, color fight, spray bottle painting, blow painting, and more.

“These activities were selected to allow children to have fun and create things without the worry of making a mess or getting dirty,” said Figliola.

An interesting art project the kids did as part of the program was to colorfully paint the snow plow blades on two of the city of Groveport’s snow plow trucks. The kids’ artwork will remain painted on the snow plow blades until snow plowing season wears it off.

“The children put their handprint and name on the snow plow blade and they were also encouraged to paint freely to help brighten up the truck,” said Figliola. “The city’s Public Works Department thought it was a great idea to let children paint a city truck.”

In addition to their handprints, some of the images the kids painted on the snow plow blades included colorful flowers and rainbows. It’s nice to imagine these happy painted images of summer defiantly facing down the piles of snow this winter as the trucks plow the streets.

Figliola said the Sloppy Summer Days program allowed kids to be kids.

“To get messy and have fun,” said Figliola. Not to worry about mud on their hands or paint on their shirt. Sloppy Summer Days will hopefully be a great end to summer.”

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