Slippery situation in FT

Franklin Township roads will remain snowy longer than usual in the next few months.

The new dump truck the township expected to receive in October will not deliver until mid-January, according to the manufacturer, Ford.  Ford did not provide an explanation for the delay other than they are backed-up on production.

This will leave the township one truck short to plow the streets.  The road department owns a total of three trucks.  They have two large trucks, including the delayed dump truck, and a smaller truck.  

Usually the two larger trucks are deployed during snow, but the township must now rely on the smaller truck which is unable to plow large streets, Trustee Tim Guyton said.

The delay will not cost Franklin Township additional employee hours, but it does mean the roads will take longer to clear.

In addition to lacking the new dump truck to use as a plow, the heavy snow fall on Dec. 5 offered the road department another challenge. The township’s two trucks were fitted with leaf collection boxes which left no room for the trucks to carry road salt.

Guyton authorized the road crew to begin to plow the streets immediately rather than lose time removing the leaf boxes and loading the salt.

The snow did delay leaf collection, but residents are reminded the last day to rake leaves to the curb will be Dec. 7.  Brush collection will resume Dec. 13.

In other township news, township trustees authorized the road department to spend $400 on safety equipment to protect workers as they gather brush and perform their other duties. The equipment will include helmets, face shields, safety glasses, gloves and chaps for pant legs.

The trustees will hold their next meeting Wednesday, Dec. 12 at 5:30 p.m. The meetings will resume on Thursdays beginning Dec. 27.

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