Sign, sign everywhere a sign


By Linda Dillman
Staff Writer

Larger, more reflective signs alerting motorists to speed limits and road safety will dot the Madison Township landscape courtesy of a $20,400 Ohio Department of Transportation grant.

Selected by ODOT based on the number of recorded crashes, the grant provides signage, posts and hardware for upgraded retro-reflective signs that improve visibility and safety, especially for older drivers.

“They used crash data, mapped where they occurred and the severity,” said township road department worker Paden Brobst at the May 20 Madison Township trustee meeting.

The signage is larger and more reflective and the number of signs is increasing.

“We have three curves with signs,” said Brobst, “and with the new standard, we’re going to nine. There will be oversized signs on county roads for better visibility and oversized speed limit signs as well.”

The present speed limit sign size is 24 inches by 30 inches, but the new ones—expected by the end of the summer—will be 30 inches by 36 inches and installed on all county roads and on Fullerton/Clearwater, Tremaine and Sedalia. Also, yellow chevrons will be installed on a dozen curves.

“Post reflectors will be installed on all stop signs,” said Brobst, “and a majority of yellow warning signs.”

Residents attending the meeting asked if other signs, such as those in Blacklick Estates addressing nuisance, would be replaced. Road Department Crew Leader Lonny Spires said only signs safety-regulated fall under the grant funding.

In other discussion, Madison Township Administrator Susan Brobst said 170 properties in the township were identified as having high grass, trash or a combination of the two in violation of township code.

“Our goal is by being proactive, this might diminish the number of properties mowed later in the summer,” said Brobst.

The township routinely accrues thousands of dollars in assessments levied against dozens of property owners throughout the mowing season.

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