She’s enthusiastic about everything 4-H has to offer

For the past four years, Adelyn Rupejko has take cake decorating projects to the Madison County Fair. Those skills work well when it comes to decorating cookies, too.

(Posted March 8, 2024)

By Kristy Zurbrick, Madison Editor

Adelyn Rupejko can’t say enough good things about 4-H.

Now in her fourth year in the program, the London Middle School sixth-grader has participated in a variety of projects and taken on multiple leadership roles. She’s had a lot of fun along the way and learned valuable life lessons–all things she thinks other youths should experience, too.

“I have conversations about 4-H with my friends all the time. It shocks me how many people don’t know what it is. I usually tell them how amazing it is, what I do, and how they can get into it,” she said.

Adelyn grew up watching her cousins show goats. When she was old enough to show, her mother signed her up and started a 4-H club, the Madison County Show-Offs. Adelyn’s younger sister, Austyn, also shows goats.

“I like being able to be with all of my family when we go to goat shows. We always play music in the car and joke around. It makes us closer,” Adelyn said.

Next to goats, cake decorating is Adelyn’s second biggest love. She’s done both all four years of her 4-H career.

“I love cake decorating because I get to be creative. It’s really fun playing with all the frosting and figuring out new things,” she said.

Adelyn also has added poultry to her repertoire. Last year, she took 50 birds to the Madison County Fair. This year, she’s taking a lot fewer but with just as much enthusiasm.

“It’s something different and more knowledge-based. I have lots of breeds. The showmanship chicken I’ve been using for a while is a bantam cochin. Her name is ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’ I love the way they look. I also love how small they are. I like the smaller birds a lot.”

Adelyn Rupejko loves showing goats. She is shown here competing at last year’s Madison County Fair where she also served as the 2023 Junior Fair goat ambassador.

This year, Adelyn hopes to do a cooking project, along with her cake decorating project. She enjoys cooking because it’s something she gets to do with her stepmother, she said.

When it comes to leadership roles in 4-H, Adelyn serves as president of her club.

Additionally, she was named the goat ambassador at last year’s Madison County Fair. As part of her duties, she passed out awards at shows, competed on the royalty team at the Ag Olympics, and attended other fair events.

“I really liked it because I really love representing the goat community because it’s my favorite thing ever,” she said.

Adelyn said she has picked up many skills through 4-H that have transferred to other parts of her life.

“It helps me at school,” she said. “Whenever we do projects, I’m better at teamwork now. When I was younger, I was really controlling and wanted to take over. 4-H has really helped me with that. Being in club, it’s been good hearing everyone else’s ideas. Also, sometimes it’s fun to know random facts that nobody else knows.”

Adelyn said she has loved 4-H from the start.

“I fell like there’s a lot you can learn from it,” she said.

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