Sheriff’s office to offer active shooter class

By Amanda Amsel
Staff Writer

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office has started a new program aimed at protecting residents if a shooting would take place.

At the June 11 Prairie Township Trustee meeting, Deputy Jessica Gabriel discussed the new class, as well as educated residents on other free classes their office offers.

“We are now offering a brand new class that has been a huge hit,” Gabriel said. “The new class is called C.R.A.S.E., which stands for Civilian Response to Active Shooter Event.”

The daylong class educates attendees on what to do if there was a shooter loose.

“We teach attendees how to respond to the shooter,” Gabriel said. “If they were in this situation this class would teach them to try to get away from the shooter, if that is not possible we teach them how to barricade themselves and also how to defend themselves against the shooter.”

With the increase in school and other public shootings in recent years, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office saw an immediate need for a class like this.

“In the past few days alone there was been several public shootings,” Gabriel said. “Sadly, this is a reality for American today, so civilians need to know how to protect themselves if they would be in that situation.”

The sheriff’s office also offers a class on how to defend yourself against a potential rape. The R.A. D. class, which stands for Rape Aggression Defense, is a free 12 hour class that teaches women tactics to defend themselves against an attacker.

“This is another free class we offer and is available to a group of 20 or more women,” Gabriel said. “The class is 12 hours, but we offer it in three four hour classes or four three hour classes.”

This is one of the more successful classes the department has offered, teaching everyone from 12 year old girls to 80 year old women.

“The class starts out with a two hour PowerPoint presentation,” Gabriel said. “The rest of the class is actually learning how to fight off an attacker.”

At the end of the class someone from the sheriff’s office comes in and acts like an attacker and the women use the skills they learned to fight the person off.

“Women are taught all of their life to be polite and not to be assertive,” Gabriel said. “This class throws all that out the window and teaches them how to defend themselves in dangerous situations.”

In past classes rape victims have even attended and educated other women on the importance of classes like this.

For more information on CRASE, R.A.D. or other free classes the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office offers, visit

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