Senior dogs make good friends

Not all dogs who end up at the shelter are puppies and young adults. 

While younger dogs are often surrendered for being too energetic or too much work, older dogs frequently wind up here due to circumstances completely unrelated to the dog. An owner dies or is forced to move unexpectedly, a divorce, a job change or someone in the household is allergic – whatever the reason, the dog ends up homeless due to no fault of his own. In recognition of this, November has been designated “Adopt A Senior Month” by the ASPCA. 

According to Lisa Wahoff, director of the Franklin County Animal Care and Control, the older dog is often the best choice for adoption. 

“Mature dogs are great companions. They’re loving, well-behaved and easy-going compared to the challenges of training a new puppy,” said Wahoff. “With an older dog, what you see is what you get. In most cases, the dog is already trained and housebroken, and is able to settle into a new home quickly.”

She added, “We really encourage you to take a second look at our older dogs. As an added incentive, we only charge half the normal adoption fee for dogs five years or older.

The total cost to adopt is just $67.” 

This November, come adopt your new best friend at the Franklin County Dog Shelter. An older dog can help improve your own life by bringing love, loyalty, and affection to your family.  

Currently there are more than 300 healthy, adoptable dogs and puppies waiting for loving homes at the shelter and in foster care. The cost to adopt a dog or puppy is still $117 including a dog license. All dogs are fixed prior to adoption, vaccinated and health checked, and micro-chipped. 

Franklin County Dog Shelter is the largest municipal animal shelter in Ohio.  For more information, visit the Web site at

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